10 Point Synopsis of the Legal Stuff

We are all busy and don’t want to spend time on non productive efforts. So to help you with that we’ve condensed all the legal stuff so you can tick that box and get on with your work. This doesn’t replace the official full policies but flags the important stuff.


  1. There aren’t any now – but that may change – best to check here when visiting this site

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Website T&Cs

  1. All content is the property of or is licensed to QPQ Software Limited
  2. If you want to use any of the content including images you will need the written permission of QPQ Software Limited
  3. Any content you use must be for non commercial purposes
  4. Any content you use must include QPQ Software Ltd’s current full website T&Cs
  5. We are not responsible for any consequences from your use of our website

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Privacy Policy

  1. This site complies with current UK Data Protection Laws
  2. This site is not for people under the age of sixteen
  3. No personal data is currently collected from this website
  4. Personal data may be collected if you contact the company

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If you’re not sure about anything in these policies please contact us, details at the bottom of the page, by whatever means and someone will answer your questions.